The ten best photos

The ten best photos

The WPA jury has chosen the winners of the September competition. Here are the ten photos that were selected. You can cast your vote for the overall winner now, via social media.

The Watch Photo Awards were launched on 1st May 2018. It’s the first annual international watch photography competition open to amateur watch lovers and photographers, as well as professionals. This year will feature six monthly competitions: one for every month from May to October, each on a different theme. The fourth round, which took place in September, has just ended. The theme was “Food and drink”.

In accordance with the rules of the Watch Photo Awards, the jury (comprising Pierre-André Montjovet, Denis Hayoun, Marie de Pimondan-Bugnon, Edouard Haegi and Brice Lechevalier) met to pick out the ten best photos for the month. Each member of the jury chose two, based on the criteria of creativity, relevance to the theme and technical proficiency.

Here are the 10 photos selected by the jury:

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The photo that receives the most likes will win its photographer a two-night stay for two people, breakfast included, at the Hotel Beau Rivage in Geneva.

Creativity and technical proficiency

Jury member and photographer Edouard Haegi concedes that, for him, first impressions played an important role in his decision. But his choice was also about finding a balance between creativity and technical quality. “The originality of the photo and its composition are crucial. You have to be able to sense the idea behind the photo. As a professional photographer, I can tell immediately if the photo was taken with good equipment. But the competition is open to all, amateurs and professionals alike, and amateurs shouldn’t be penalised because of the quality of the photographic equipment they use. That’s why I focus on creativity.” And you don’t have to be a distinguished photographer to turn this to your advantage. There are some simple techniques that anyone can use, such as good preparation, and taking a picture from a variety of angles to ensure the best possible image. “I’m often disappointed to realise that it wouldn’t take much to increase the quality of a photo. Sometimes it’s just a matter of taking a bit more care with the background,” notes Edouard Haegi.

And follow the guidelines!

Several of the many photos submitted by participants were rejected because they failed to comply with the competition rules. Edouard Haegi highlights the three most important points: “The photographed watches must be mechanical – automatic or manual – unless they are ladies’ watches, which can be quartz. Failing to comply with this requirement was the main reason photos were rejected. Next, the photographer must be the owner of the photographed watch. And finally, failure to comply with the theme was the kiss of death for several shots, which had no holidays in them at all.”